Rubio Reminds Us Why He Isnt Qualified: Gods Rules Always Win Over Government (VIDEO)

Marco Rubio just showed us he is just as much of a two-faced rat as Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz when he stated that Gods rules always win over the laws of the land. Despite previously agreeing that the Supreme Courts ruling on marriage equality was settled law, Rubio assured the 700 Club that it wasnt.

Huckabee and Cruz have both pushed Christian style Sharia Law to their fundie right-wing fans as hard while still claiming to support the Constitution. Rubio, however, seemed to at least accept that the law of the land must be followed. That is until a recent appearance on a 700 Club affiliate reminds us, again, this man is not qualified to be president. In a stark display of Christian supremacy, he claimed that marriage equality AND Roe v. Wade are not settled law.

While talking about what he believes should happen when law and scripture are conflicting, Rubio stated, When those two come in conflict, Gods rules always win. Literally right after saying that Christians are scripturally mandated to adhere to civil authorities. The irony is probably lost on him.

Basically, Rubio is saying that nothing that has already been done to assure rights and equality to all is going to stop him from allowing, and probably encouraging, Christians to break the law. It certainly wont stop Rubio from trying to return us to the Dark Ages.

Rubio really was looking like the less vitriolic of the fundie whackjobs running for the GOP nomination, but now we know: either he is not the Constitutional candidate that he claimed to be or he is not the Christian Supremacist candidate that is claiming to be in this interview.

It is perfectly clear that the fact that religion has no place in government is lost on this profoundly anti-equality, anti-woman, anti-family candidate.

Either way, the false jovial respect paid to family by the fundie nutjob host at the end of the video rings completely hollow. They say family but they mean only one man and one woman families, because the rest just dont rate.

Watch Marco Rubios verbal evisceration of the Constitutions separation of Church and State:


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  • marytg

    so one man one woman What happens if a man or women is killed in your stupid wars or illness are they les a family

  • SWS

    MOST of the GOP candidates cannot in all good conscience swear to uphold the Constitution because they either do not believe in it or dont understand it.

  • Baby_Raptor

    Funny, gods word says that Christians are to obey the government god put over them. It doesnt add any qualifiers. It doesnt say only if you think I agree with it. It never dictates what is and isnt a government god put over them.

    It just says obey the government.

    gods followers really are the best possible proof he doesnt exist.

  • Mike Lawler

    If Gods rule win, then can someone tell me where I can sell my daughter into slavery?

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Rubio Reminds Us Why He Isnt Qualified: Gods Rules Always Win Over Government (VIDEO)

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