An architecture expert reveals 20 of the ugliest McMansions in America

20. Loudoun Co, VA

“Huzzah! Money can actually buy taste! Loudoun County, the wealthiest county in the country, is at the very bottom of the Top 20 List, with this cheap, remarkably boring tract home.”

19. Hunterdon Co, NJ

“Another tract house hub, as evidenced by this dated, low-budget estate.”

18. Prince William Co, VA

“Tract house or cult compound? You decide!”

17. Oakland Co, MI

“Though this house is still a mess, it got bonus points for its use of high quality materials.”

16. Charles Co, MD

“Ah yes, the rare 1.5-story McMansion. Truly a remarkable sight.”

15. Douglas Co, CO

“While the individual elements that make up this house aren’t that bad, the combination is confusing and busy.”

14. Nassau Co, NY

“Like a worse version of the house above, the eye can’t focus with this busy combination of different features.”

13. Santa Clara Co, CA

“Here we have our classic West Coast Tract House, complete with beige ‘stucco’ and goofy turret.”

12. Howard Co, MD

“The mix of brick and stone, along with the number of masses makes this house a mess!”

11. Calvert Co, MD

“A throwback to the McMansions of yesteryear, featuring monolithic stucco, a gaggle of gables, and inappropriate window styles.”

10. Fort Bend Co, TX

“This is perhaps one of the most bizarre houses I’ve encountered yet.”

9. Rockwall Co, TX

“Everything’s bigger in Texas!”

8. Somerset Co, NJ

“Ah, New Jersey. Home of oversized, overdone McMansions since 1980. This house would fit right in around 2005.”

7. Morris County, NJ

“When people say that McMansions are built cheap, this is what they’re referring to.”

6. Fairfax Co, VA

“Ah, Fairfax Co. One of the most infamous DC Suburbs in terms of sheer… ugh. This house is no different.”

5. Forsyth Co, GA

“Does anyone else feel like their souls are being sucked out? No? Just me?”

4. Suffolk Co, NY

“It’s like a McDonalds from 1996 except a house and in Hell.”

3. Williamson Co, TN

“Behold, the beige Monolith of the Mountains.”

2. Stafford Co, VA

“I regret to inform you that there is, in fact, a worse one.”

1. Montgomery Co, MD

“Presented without comment.”

The American McMansion is officially a dying breed of architectural design, which is good news for those who consider the unnecessarily massive, and disproportionate homes an eyesore.

The blog Worst of McMansions, also known as McMansion Hell by its URL, has taken on the daunting task of chronicling these monstrosities and helping the general public understand exactly what makes these homes so hidious.

The anonymous author, who simply goes by “Kate,” studied architectural acoustics and has been writing about architecture for six years. We’ve asked “Kate” to gather what she considers to be the ugliest McMansions built in the last five years. Below is her list, accompanied by her own commentary in quotes.


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An architecture expert reveals 20 of the ugliest McMansions in America

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